My own Everest

Last Sunday I watched Greek alpinist Antonis Sykaris' live facebook transmission, who had just returned from Pakistan as a member of an...

From -20º C with love

ºPolar night is over and it was an experience for us. Since the sun rises again over the horizon and days get longer every day, in...

Never say never

While reading messages on our facebook page and on our reports, besides witnessing the admiration and wishes for safe travels...

Alta to Tromso, 5 days road

Five days to cover 400 kilometres? An average tourist might have done it in a single day or maximum two, winter time. We could be still...

When did you enter Norway?

Finally we met fellow overlanders - this was only the third time since we entered Scandinavia two and half months ago. A couple from...

Northern lights hunters

The first time is very special, almost like an incredible gift of nature. The second night you start believing it's true. And soon you get...

Life below zero

It’s not only tricky driving on ice. At temperatures below zero - we had down to -6 in the last two nights - we face different other...

Iveco on the rocks

It’s only 19 October and here is the first snow. In Lapland of course.  We spent two days at Hetta, the last village in Finland, before...

Our position on the map

See where we are now on the interactive Find Me Spot map and follow our route history starting from July 2020.

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The milestones of our project 

21 April 2021

We take a Covid-19 test and cross the border to Sweden.

21 October 2020

We arrive to  North Cape (71° 10′ 21″ N), in Norway.

18 October 2020

We cross the border to Norway coming from frozen Lapland, northern Finland.

16 September 2020

We travel from Talinn, Estonia, to Helsinki, Finland, by a ferry boat. 

22 August 2020

We enter Lithuania from Poland without quarantine obligations.

9 August 2020

We cross the Romania – Hungary border without quarantine implications.

31 July 2020

We depart from Greece and enter Bulgaria from Promachonas border post. 

1 June 2020

We depart from Thessaloniki for a post-lockdown tour of central Greece.  

24 March 2020

We return back to Greece from the already closed border with Turkey. 

16 March 2020

All Turkey – Georgia borders are getting closed due to Covid-19 outbreak.  

30 January 2020

We travel from Cesme, Turkey, to Chios, Greece, for Akis’ hernia operation.

30 December 2019

We cross Greece – Turkey border post of Kipi and drive towards Istanbul. 

21 December 2019

We depart from Thessaloniki for a long trip to Mongolia through central Asia. 

9 November 2019

We return to Greece after a two-month tour in the Balkans and in Ukraine. 

14 September 2019

We depart from Thessaloniki for a Balkan tour in four counties. 

10 September 2019

Fairwell event with Radio Thessaloniki 94.5 at the city’s international fair. 

30 June 2019

We depart from Thessaloniki for a tour in Epirus mountain region of Greece. 

7 May 2019

We return from our tour in 15 Aegean islands with Blue Star Ferries. 

14 February 2019

We depart for a tour at the islands of Greece with Blue Star Ferries and ANEK.

20 January 2019

General inspection and repairs by Iveco Greece Paul Condellis S.A. in Athens. 

8 November 2018

We depart from Thessaloniki for a tour to Athens and Peloponnese. 

1 August 2018

We say “arrivederci Italia” and depart for a tour in the Balkans and Greece.

1 May 2018

We leave our apartment in Italy and start living in our Iveco camper. 

15 March 2017

We buy in Italy a 4×4 Iveco VM90 camper and start testing it. 


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