Northern lights hunters

The first time is very special, almost like an incredible gift of nature. The second night you start believing it's true. And soon you get...

Life below zero

It’s not only tricky driving on ice. At temperatures below zero - we had down to -6 in the last two nights - we face different other...

Iveco on the rocks

It’s only 19 October and here is the first snow. In Lapland of course.  We spent two days at Hetta, the last village in Finland, before...

We saw Aurora Borealis

Yesterday we saw Aurora Borealis for the very first time. From 62nd parallel and inside the Koli National Park of Finland.  We were...

Humans in harmony with nature

Repovesi National Park. Finland. The first of many we intend to explore in Finland. We don’t want to write much here - you can see on our...

Good morning Finland!

We left Tallinn last Wednesday with clear sky and arrived to Helsinki with dark clouds and strong winds. Everything looked grey. We left...

Cycling in Kaunas

In Kaunas we spent two days, a rainy and a sunny one. The first we stayed in the camper in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood in the...

Vilnius, one more human city

We met an old friend from Russia in the capital of Lithuania, spent the night in a parking lot and enjoyed strolling around the old town. ...

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