Saving sea turtles in El Salvador

Episode #2 for the Navarino Global Environmental Action Plan we partner in central America. This time we support El Salvador's AMBAS...

We take action with Navarino!

A new project for Navarino and The World Offroad - a Global Environmental Action. First we empower a school in Guatemala to start cleaning...

What do we eat in Mexico?

Since we left the United States, we mostly eat out. We prefer cheap, outdoor stalls offering genuine Mexican street food, which is...

Trip must go on

Looking at the pictures of the previous month, I said to my self; "they were not so bad", since I didn't remember we had such good...

What’s wrong with the Iveco?

Five years later, our relationship with our Iveco reminds some old couples who can't stand each other but still can't live without. text...


The famous Red Hot Chilli Peppers song talks about a California that has lost the meaning of life. We lost the meaning of our trip while...

Grand Teton and Yellowstone

En route from Moab to Salt Lake, right at the Spanish Fork mountain, the landscape changes drammatically. It feels as you are teleported...

Moab’s paradise

Η πόλη αυτή στην ανατολική Γιούτα είναι ο παράδεισος των υπαίθριων δραστηριοτήτων. Πολύ κοντά, στο εθνικό πάρκο Κάνιονλαντς, είναι η...

An epic geological staircase

A vast area - almost like a small country - from northern Grand Canyon rim to Bryce Canyon to the notth, is a gigantic geological...

The great canyons

227 miles long, 18 miles wide and one mile deep, Grand Canyon is the geological giant of the American continent with an estimated age of...

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The milestones of our project 

15 March 2023 | After 46 days and 1,650 kms in Guatemala, we enter El Salvador. 

29 January 2023 | We enter Guatemala and arrive at Peten Itzá lake.

21 January 2023 | After five and a half months in Mexico and 9,200 kns, we enter Belize.

09 August 2022 | We cross the border to Tijuana, Mexico. Destination Baja California.

03 May 2022 | Back to Texas we hit the road to the National Parks of midwest.

06 April 2022 | We take a flight from Houston, Texas to Guatemala City, to renew our visas.

28 January 2022 | We take the Iveco from the Baltimore port and start driving on the US East Coast.

07 January 2022 | We fly from Milano to New York

28 December 2021 | We drive from Italy to Antwerp, Belgium to ship our Iveco to America

6 September 2021 | Back in Action. We fly to Berlin and continue our adventure

16 July 2021 | Rest In Peace, Socrates Temperidis.

11 June 2021 | Covid-19 test and take the TT-Line ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde, Germany.

21 April 2021 | We take a Covid-19 test and cross the border to Sweden.

21 October 2020 | We arrive to  North Cape (71° 10′ 21″ N), in Norway.

18 October 2020 | We cross the border to Norway coming from frozen Lapland, northern Finland.

31 July 2020 | We depart from Greece to Scandinavia. Destination North Cape.

1 June 2020 | We depart from Thessaloniki for a post-lockdown tour of central Greece.

24 March 2020 | We are forced to return back to Greece from Turkey due to Covid-19 outbreak.

30 January 2020 | We travel from Cesme, Turkey, to Chios, Greece, for Akis’ hernia operation.

30 December 2019 | We cross Greece – Turkey border post of Kipi and drive towards Istanbul.

21 December 2019 | We depart from Thessaloniki for a long trip to Mongolia through central Asia.

9 November 2019 | We return to Greece after a two-month tour in the Balkans and in Ukraine.

14 September 2019 | We depart from Thessaloniki for a Balkan tour in four counties.

10 September 2019 | Fairwell event with Radio Thessaloniki 94.5 at the city’s international fair.

30 June 2019 | We depart from Thessaloniki for a tour in Epirus mountain region of Greece.

14 February 2019 | We depart for a three-month tour at the islands of Greece with Blue Star Ferries and ANEK.

20 January 2019 | General inspection and repairs by Iveco Greece Paul Condellis S.A. in Athens.

1 August 2018 | We say “arrivederci Italia” and depart for a tour in the Balkans and Greece.

1 May 2018 | We leave our apartment in Italy and start living in our Iveco camper.

15 March 2017 | We buy in Italy our 4×4 Iveco VM90 camper and start testing it.


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