About us

What  is The World Offroad? Who are the people behind this project? And why did we decide to take  a trip around the world, twice?


Our principles


The World Offroad 2007-2010

67 countries 6 continents 1234 days 167,504 kilometres 609 different destinations 718 nights in a roof tent 16-day atlantic crossing in a vessel 59 euros per day budget 12.3 litres/100 km, -37 to 5,609 metres driving altitude

We had a dream, to travel the world off-road. We chased it and in 2007 we left behind our normal life. For ever. The World Offroad project was born.

Sponsored by media outlets and by Land Rover, we left Greece and started travelling “around the world in 800 days” – this was the project’s tagline.

From Europe to Africa, from Middle East to India, from SE Asia to Australia and from Canada all the way to Ushuaia. The project concluded with successfully in September 2010.

After three months in Greece, we moved to Tanzania, where we worked at the Saadani River Lodge. Vula got pregnant, so after 15 months in the bush, we moved to Reggio Emilia in Italy, where Anastasia was born in 2012.

In just 15 months our life changed drammatically three times! 

After six years working in Italy, we decided to take our second trip around the world.  May 1st, 2018 we left our house again and started living in our Iveco VM90 camper van, the so called Karibuni Safari.

After a long trip in Mediterranean Europe and several months in Greece, we departed for the Balkans in Semptember 2019 and for Turkey and the Stans of central Asia in December.

March 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak locked us in Turkey as all border were forcefully closed. We had to surrender and return to Greece, get in a 14-day quarantine and at in national lockdown for two months. 

In June 2020 we started travelling in Greece, as the pandemic measures were relaxed and in July, as soon as European countries reopened their borders, we hit the road again to the Balkans, arrive to the Baltic countries and entered Scandinavia.

Mid-October we arrived to snow-capped North Cape in Norway and got prepared to spend our first ever winter in the arctic zone, experiencing the polar night and sub zero temperatures. We are actually very lucky people, since we can keep travelling during a pandemic. 

Team members

Akis Temperidis

Akis Temperidis

Father and Driver

Journalist and photographer, specialised in travel, motorsports and adventure activities. After a long career as a car journalist in Greece, he decided to make his dream come true and travel around the world. So, the project The World Offroad was born. Addicted to nomadic life since then, Akis can’t wait hitting the road again. The greek overlander recently worked in Italy in different projects, as a supplier and consultant of Maserati in Modena,

Vula Netou Avantoglou

Vula Netou Avantoglou

Mother & Co-driver

A former contemporary dancer and choreographer, working for years in theatre and as a dance teacher with children and adults, she became the first greek woman that travelled around the world overland. Back from TheWorldOffroad I expedition, she worked in Tanzania, managing the Safari River Lodge and she got pregnant. Vula gave birth to Anastasia in May 2012 and she is more determined than ever to school her child around the world. 

Anastasia Fotini Temperidou

Anastasia Fotini Temperidou

Daughter and VIP passenger

Conceived in a jungle in Tanzania, was eventually born in Scandiano, Italy. She is a greek citizen but she did her first trip to Greece three months old without a passport! She attended an Italian kindergarten for three years and she speaks fluently Italian, besides greek. She is smart and always playful, loves animals, she is a  great story teller and has recently become a vlogger with a decent following. She is the inspiring force of The World Offroad expedition.