Our travel manifesto

Dream with your eyes open. Explore our planet and yourself. Respect Nature and local cultures.

The World Offroad presentation


  • Overlanding is healthy and sustainable.
  • We work to travel and travel to work.
  • We travel slow and live, eat and behave like locals. 
  • We respect nature and local cultures.
  • Be a curious traveller. Every single day. 
  • You can school your child on the road. 
  • Minimal lifestyle reduces carbon footprint. 
  • Strict budget enhances travel experience.  

Our dream is to live as modern-day nomads around the world and make believe many other people attempting the same. But we have more dreams to fullfil in our new adventure:  

  • School our child in the best possible way.
  • Share our family adventure with other people and inspire them follow their own dreams. 
  • Campaign for nomadic life and overlanding.
  • Bring people of different languages and cultures together.
  • Fundraise for non profit organisations.