Thessaloniki, Many Stories, One Heart!

Dec 4, 2019 | News, Sponsors

We are happy to announce that we will carry our hometown Thessaloníkii around the world from now on.

We met yesterday with legendary golden Olympic medalist (110 metres at Barcelona 1992) and director of Thessaloniki Travel organisation Voula Patoulidou and we shook hands to promote our beloved hometown wherever we travel.

It is an informal, pro bono agreement which will evolve as we go. For beginning we will put a “Thessaloniki Many Stories, One Heart” sticker on our IVECO and linked logos on our website but we look forward more creative activities that could bring Thessaloniki brand around the world. We wlll be Thessaloniki’s ambassadors in other words and this is a great honour for us.

Thank you Vula Patoulidou and Costas Chatzaridis for the your enthusiasm and positive vibes. We will be travelling together!

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