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Jun 1, 2023 | News, Sponsors

SPECIAL DRAW IN COOPERATION WITH , STANDARD-Batteries- , Saxonis Houses, Papigo, Epirus, Zagoria , Boutique Hotel SKAMNOS Arachova , Aeriko , Bakaliko CRETE and Stabomania


1st PRIZE: a high quality DEMA ENERGY 1 mountain bike, brought exclusively to Greece by Made in Slovakia. Aluminum frame, 29″ wheels, 27-speed Shimano gearbox and hydraulic disc brakes, worth 680 euros. Offered by PODILATO.EU of Panagiotis Kasparis, Solonos 25, 546 44 Thessaloniki.

2nd PRIZE: two nights for 2 people at the traditional guesthouse Vasilis Nasiakos Saxonis Houses (, 0030 6937 151624) in the great Papigo of Epirus, worth 200 euros. It is our most favorite destination in central Greece. There you will meet our good friend Vassilis Nasiakos who will be happy to welcome you and lead you to the best hiking trails of Greek Yosemite!

3rd PRIZE: two nights for 2 people at the luxurious Boutique Hotel Skamnos of Parnassos, between Arachova and the ski resort, at an altitude of 1,250 meters (, tel. 6932 457666). The hotel has a sauna, hammam, gym, indoor pool and offers a complete package of holistic holidays all year round. The offer is valid for a double room, weekend, only for the month of October, worth 350 euros. Courtesy of The World Offroad’s dear friend, Kaloussa Nafpaktitou!

4th PRIZE: two nights for 2 people at Aeriko, in Karfa, Chios, offered by our good friend and traveler George Benovias. The offer is valid from September 1st. We were hosted there for a week at the beginning of 2020, until Akis Temperidis recovered, after an inguinal hernia operation. The rooms are comfortable, each with a unique decoration and personality. In the complex there is a swimming pool with a great view of the Aegean. Just below is the amazing bar Aeriko, one of the most well-hidden places on the island, with many themed evenings in the summer (, tel. 22710 32336).

5th PRIZE: a NOCO Genius2 smart charger, like the one we’ve been using for two years on our trip, worth 67 euros. It is a must-have gadget for the car and motorcycle, especially during the holiday season when you might leave it immobilized for days back in the garage or on vacation. The charger is compatible with 6-12V, metal or AGM batteries and automatically manages battery charging. It also has a quick discharge function for depleted batteries. An offer from, official electricity sponsor of The World Offroad.

6th PRIZE: a €100 gift voucher from the amazing Bakaliko Crete by Giorgos Kteniadakis and Zsuzsa Andoczi Balog from the colorful town of Archanes in Crete ( The winner will have the opportunity to spend the gift certificate on products, dining at the restaurant, or both. If he cannot go to Crete, he will receive a package with selected traditional Cretan products anywhere in Greece.

The World Offroad t-shirts: the live will start with the raffle of 20 DREAM t-shirts. EXPLORE. RESPECT. and THEWORLDOFFROAD worth 15 euros each. You will pick them up from Stelios Papaioannou’s Stabomania, those of you in Thessaloniki, or they will be sent by post to your home.


Buy one or more The World Offroad digital stickers at the price of 10 euros each, enter the raffle for the amazing gifts we offer thanks to our partners and put a stone in to continue our journey in South America. The draw will take place live on Sunday, June 25 at 7:00 pm. The proceeds from the tickets will cover part of the cost of shipping the Iveco by cargo ship from Panama to Colombia (€4,800).

Write in the comments of the relevant post on facebook “TO THE DREAM”, to declare the intention to buy lakno. If you’ve already joined, you don’t need to join again – the first week’s coupons apply.

Deposit the amount of 10-50 euros (for one to five lachnos) to the following IBAN account of Alpha Bank: GR8701401310131002101211041 | Paraskevi Netou-Avantoglou. In the justification of the deposit, put the name you have on Facebook so that we can send you the messages.

If you have a Paypal account, you can deposit the amount directly from your mobile phone by scanning the QR Code you see in the post. The account is in the name of Thrasyvoulos Temperidis.

The declaration of participation can be made until 22/6/2023. With the deposit, you will receive the corresponding numbered numbers in digital format in the messenger. All you have to do is write under this post “TO THE DREAM” and your name on facebook should appear in the deposit.

On the live of Sunday 25 June, at 7:00 pm as always (election day – don’t forget to vote!), we will draw the prizes live. Anastasia will randomly choose the lottery numbers and we want your participation too. The names of the new sponsors of The World Offroad and the winners will be published on our site


* Members of the Temperidis and Netou-Avantoglou families cannot participate in the draw

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