Iveco VM90

A military vehicle transformed into a rugged 4-wheel drive motorhome. We named it “Karibuni Safari”, which means “Welcome to travel” in Swahili.

Vehicle history

Model year 2011. We bought it in 2017. We started living in it in 2018. It’s our home, office and school class all in one. 

Living Space

A living room that converts into a double bed, a single bed, a small gas kitchen, a fridge and a cosy WC with shower. 7,2 square metres in all.

Karibuni Safari

Our expedition Iveco VM90 took the baton from “Karibu”, the Land Rover we used in our 2007-2010 expedition. Originally a people carrier used by Italian Marine corps, was transformed into a rugged camper in 2011 from scratch. An Italian Unimog by all means which we bought in 2017 and developped into a perfect expedition vehicle.

The first owners

In 2010, first owner Mrs. Michaela Pizzamano bought a VM90 from the Italian Marine corps to convert it into a rugged camper van. In July 2011, the vehicle was already converted in a brand new, 4×4 camper van with a comfortable cabin capable to host two people.

Total transformation

The original chassis was stripped, rebuilt, sanded and repainted from scratch. Wheelbase was lengthened by 60 cm (from 2,80 to 3,40 m) to accommodate a longer cabin. A brand new Sofim 8140.43 turbodiesel engine was installed together with new transfer box, transmission shaft, diff gears, larger brakes and reinforced suspension.

Second owner

Angelo Gorghetto bought the truck from Michaela without the cabin and designed and built his own at the same Italian manufacturer. The brand new cabin was 3,6 m. long with top-of-the range Dometic WC and kitchen, double glass windows, Webasto cabin and water heaters, new, noiseless fridge and two beds, a double at the back and a single at the front of the cabin.