December 2016 we met each other. March 2017 we brought it home. May 1st, 2018 we started living, working and homeschooling in here.

May 2018

After a winter break in Tanzania, we pack our home back to Greece and on May 1st start living in our Iveco. Initially around Reggio Emilia and Scandiano, where Anastasia attends kindergarten and Akis is busy working. Most days we camp downtown Scandiano, where people and local police welcome us very friendly. After the frst week, we feel at home, we know where to find water and evacuate WC waters, where to wash our clothes and refill cooking gas. We feel great on the road, even if still at home”.  


Summer 2017

We take our first trip with the Iveco: 5.000 kms from Italy to Greece and back via Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. We test thorouglhy cruise speed (max 80 km/h), consumption (around 13 lt/100 km), driving fatique, engine power and our comfort at temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees in Greece). We break our daily driving record, covering 700 kms – in 14 hours of driving – from Montenegro to Rijeka, Croatia!



March 2017

The Iveco owner, Italian Angelo Gorghetto proposes to transfer the car even before we can pay him the whole amount of money. As a warrantee we give him our legendary Land Rover and we proceed to the formal acquisition of the vehicle. March 15th, 2017 we drive the car from Veneto to Scandiano and bring it home. Our first weekend trip is at nearby Sassi dei Sassi di Roccamalatina. For the following three months we spend almost each weekend on the road: from Bismantova to Carpinetti, from Parma to Rimini and from Monza to Mugello, following Italian Porsche Carrera Cup races. 

December 2016

We travel to Mira, a small town southwest of Venice, to look for an Iveco camper we found online. It’s expensive for our budget so we explain Mr. Gorghetto, the owner, that we just need to take a look at it, given we intend to build one. As soon as we meet the guy and see his vehicle we say: “this was made for us”. It is brand new inside-out and perfectly maintained: “I adore what you are doing, ragazzi”, Angelo says, “and I want people like you to buy this. Don’t bother about the money, we can find a way”. We have him 1000 euros the same day and – YES – we booked the vehicle!

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