Living Space

A living room that converts into a double bed. It also features a single bed, Dometic gas kitchen, a fridge and a cosy WC with shower. 7,2 square metres in all.

Dining and bedroom

The cosiest place is the rear dining room for four, which Akis uses as his office and Vula with Anastasia as a classroom throughout the day. It is very well lit (two large windows and  a roof window with blind system. Every night we convert it easily into a 140 cm wide double bed, which  can also accommodate a child. It is also the warmest place in the camper, thanks to the Webasto heater that lies underneath. 

Anastasia’s room

A dining place for two people converts into a single bed, which is Anastasia’s tiny room. As it is connected with the Iveco’s cabin, we isolate the space by night using a sturdy foldable door. It’s a little bit darker here than at the rear which is good for the child, as she can sleep a little bit longer in the morning.

Gas Kitchen

The “Made in Sweden” Dometic HSG3436 is a compact, three-burner hob and sink combination with glass lids, 840 x 436 mm. It is covered by heat-resistant safety glass lid that provides more work space when closed. It features easy-to-clean detachable pan grids and is supplied with siphon. 

Toilet and shower

It’s a Thetford system with a C220 cassette toilet, providing maximum comfort without losing space. The toilet bowl revolves 180 degrees on the base and locks into place by simply pressing down on the seat. The waste tank capacity is 18 litres. The elegant inox sink features wood cover and it can be used as a shower.