Life as an Adventure | Season 2

by | Jul 1, 2022 | News, North America, Sponsors, United States

Season 2 of “Life as an Adventure” mini seres produced for Eurolife FFH of Greece, was filmed in the USA and includes 6 episodes, each one with specific subject. The first episode was filmed in NewYork in January 2022 and the last one in Seligman, Arizona, in June of the same year.

The other four episodes practically followed the route of our trip. Episode 2 was filmed in Orlando and Ep. 3 in greek – speaking Tarpon Springs village in Florida. Episode 4 has a distinct background because it was filned in Antigua – Guatemala, where we flew for a month in order to renew our US visas.

After we flew back to Texas and started travelling again in our Iveco, we filmed the fifth episode of the series in the extraterrestrial scenery of White Sands, in New Mexico.

  • Episode 1: New Yorker for a day
  • Episode 2: Driving in the USA
  • Episode 3: Healthcare in overland trips
  • Episode 4: Tourist or traveller?
  • Episode 5: US National Parks
  • Episode 6: Getting your kicks on Route 66

Enjoy here the six videos. Their total length is 24’09”. Even if they are all in greek, they provide an idea of our American experience so far. 

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