Media Coverage

Let’s see what greek and international media say about us. 

TEDx Talk

Akis was invited to talk at TEDx of Alexandroupolis city in Greece in February 2006. His inspirational talk was entitled “Why should you take a trip around the world”. In a way, the talk proved to be more inspirational for ourselves and worked as a spark to go after our second long-term adventure around the globe. 

Ertflix documentary

The fourth episode of “The Network”, discovers new ways to work, have fun, exercise, find healing, live, “from afar”. In “life from afar” the greek documentary meets all these people who, either by choice or out of necessity, have transferred most of their activities to the internet and are quite happy about it. Among them you can see Akis Temperidis, Voula Netou and little Anastasia talking about their life on and off the road.  

Greek TV

Watch different reports on greek TV channels from 2007. Most of them were live reports.

International Media