Refreshing memories

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Articles, Europe, Norway

Let us refresh you with a post from last winter now we have entered for good summer season. Which have been the harships of our arctic experience in Norway?

For as long as we were travelling we kept the engine on. While parked, we turned it on every now and then in order to keep the driver’s cabin from freezing. In the living room, the webasto heater was working overnight and still struggling to keep us warm, so, concerned with keeping the AGM batteries alive, we often woke up in the middle of the night to turn the engine on for charging.

With water tanks and tubes frozen, we ran out of running water, we had ice getting built in the cabin, but we never ran out of energy. Our two AGM standard® batteries – each capable of 95Ah – proved unbeatable at-20°C. They really kept us alive!

But after 15 consecutive days and nights at -20ºC and the engine working for hours at minimum, we had a turbo failure which cost us 15 days outside an Iveco workshop in Hamar and 2,000 euros, roughly the cost of two-month travel. But it was normal in one of the wealthiest and most expensive countries on earth. 

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