The World Offroad: the journey is on

A teaser and a pilot film created by filmmaker and good friend Vassilis Sfakianopoulos. 

The teaser

Akis wakes up early in the morning while Vula and Anastasia are sleeping. He prepares coffee, starts working on his Mac and then takes the wheel. What is he thinking about and how is this day going to be? A fiction teaser that is not far from our everyday reality.

The pilot film

We spent Christmas 2018 time together with film maker Vassilis Sfakianiopoulos to make this 10′ film as a pilot. We wanted to see how we work together and how we get on the film, in order to show it to the right people and possibly create a series based on our life on the road. Italian scenes were filmed by Spanish filmmaker Victor Ortega, while archive material from our 2007-2010 was filmed by Vula Netou.

Watch it and tell us your opinion. 

Favourite videos

A series of short videos providing a glimpse to our nomad lifestyle

Anastasia Around the World

Watch our young vlogger’s videos. For the moment she speaks only greek…

The World Offroad 2007 – 2010 moments

Unedited videos from our first expedition around the world

At 5.609 mts

Watch our Land Rover arriving at the Khardung-La, the highest motorable pass in the world, at 5602 metres.

You need a shave

Vula gives Akis a haircut in a campground downtown Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the overlander’s’ way, cheap and efficient!

Welcome to India

Busy, frenzy, dirty, noisy, irritating border crossing from Nepal to India. And the rest of the country is not far better than this…

Nigerian road blocks

Nigeria is notorious for its road blocks and the corruptive state officers. They proved a little bit friendlier with us.

Wake up call

Karnataka, India: we slept at a leafy beach next to a small fishing village and in the morning we had a very special wake up call..

This one hurt!

The car accident we had on the Natchez Trace Parkway of Mississippi, US. Definitely the worst moment of our previous RtW trip. 

Speak farsi?

A fine example of how to communicate with local people when you don’t speak their language. This is farsi in Iran.