Vilnius, one more human city

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Diaries, Europe, Lithuania

We met an old friend from Russia in the capital of Lithuania, spent the night in a parking lot and enjoyed strolling around the old town. 

It was afternoon when we arrive at the capital city of Lithuania without having a clue on where to park and spend the night. In the first two hours we drove downtown looking for a parking and then for running water to fill our tanks. 

As it was mentioned on park4night app we could find drinking water at the Circle petrol station next to the river. Keep in mind this franchise brand, because it’s the only one providing drinking water in the box next to the tyre air. 

After we visited a nice – but expensive (30 euros/night) hippy camping/hostel downtown, we spotted a nice parking also next to the river and parked there for 12 euros per day. In the meantime we had found more parking lots in the outskirts but we didn’t want to leave our Iveco on the road. 

The same evening we met Irina Boyarskaya, a Russian motorsport journalist who collaborated with me in the Tsunami racing team. Irina has moved to Vilnius from Moscow and started a new life and she is very happy living there. For her, life is more relaxed and less stressful than in the hectic Russian capital. 

Walking with our friend for a few hours downtown till late evening, we realised how pleasant and safe Vilnius is. Day and night. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, thanks to its history, churches and architecture. 

Moving around Vilnius is also straightforward thanks to a great network of buses and electric trams. Most buses are new but there are also some from the Soviet era of the city and they look classic now. 

The old town is full of airy cafes, breweries and restaurants on its cobblestone streets, little piazzas and in some frescos. 

The major Gedomino avenue, which starts from the Cathedral is now a pedestrian street full of boutiques and shops.

Irina told us that the young mayor of Vilnius created a downtown beach this summer – practically a square transformed with sand and chez longs for the well being of the locals who couldn’t take summer holidays because of the covid 19 pandemic. 

In the end we stayed exactly 24 hours in Vilnius. We could have stayed more but we preferred leaving the town and drive 25 kms to the north, where officially is the geographical centre of Europe._Akis Temperidis 

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