We met Arne who rows around Norway

by | Apr 18, 2021 | Diaries, Norway

There is a Norwegian guy – 40 year old Arne Kristoffersen – who is attempting to row the entire coastline of Norway these days in his tiny wooden boat.

He started 61 days ago from the Norway – Sweden border and we were glad to meet him at the Kvitholmen island, 3 kilometres offshore the Atlantic Ocean Road.

We were invited to sail in a boat there by Graham Griffin and other members of the Kvitholmens Venner group, the guardians of the island and its 1842 stone-built lighthouse. Arne is intended to finish his adventure on the Norway – Russia border in two months from now.

Arne is a teacher and took a year off to chase his dream “just to live the adventure” as he told me with his wide open smile. You can follow his adventure on På eventyr langs kysten page, where he updates photos videos and stories in daily basis. Send him a greeting!

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