What do we eat in Mexico?

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Articles, Mexico, North America

Since we left the United States, we mostly eat out. We prefer cheap, outdoor stalls offering genuine Mexican street food, which is delicious and very affordable. Here is a glossary of the food we like most in the country. 

  • Tacos: definitely the essential Mexican food. Round corn tortillas filled with meat in different forms (al pastor, carne asada, chorizo, carnitas, pollo, etc.), beans, coriander, onions and various sauces, spicy or less spicy.
  • Gorditas: thick, corn fried tortillias filled with everything, like fat tacos.    
  • Tortas: sandwich bread filled with whatever you can fill a taco. If you are bored of tacos or if you desperately need white bread.
  • Pollo asado: very often we take it for lunch. Roasted or grilled chicken, ordered entire with tortillas and sauces, only for 5-7 euros.
  • Birria: stew beef meat with tomato sauce, very popular especially in Baja California.
  • Hamburguesa): Mexicans have their way in preparing delicious hamburgers, especially if filled with guacamole sauce.
  • Quesadillas): wheat tortillas with white cheese, filled with whatever you can imagine.
  • Barbacoa: our favorite meat from the moment we tasted it. The so called Mexican BBQ, is stew beef meat cooked for hours. Fantastic taco filling. Τσορίζο
  • Chorizo: pork spicy sausage, ideal for fast food in the camper, together with eggs or in tacos.
  • Chuletas: grilled meat, pork or beef, in large pieces. It is served like a gigantic souvlaki.
  • Empanadas): more often our breakfast. Fried pitas with meat or leek filling, or even in sweet form.
  • Enchiladas): meet with cheese and sauces in tortillas.
  • Milanesa: Anastasia’s favorite meal. Pork, beef or chicken breaded, served in a dish with salad and friench fries, or in a torta (sandwich). 
  • Mole): the culinary flag of Mexico. Homemade chile sauce with vegetables and spices in various, mysterious combinations. 
  • Tamales: corn pasta filled with meat, mole and sauces, steam cooked while wrapped in banana or corn leaves. 
  • Tostadas: our daily snack. Fried corn tortilla, which can be eaten plain or in a spicy deep. Like nachos (which were born in Texas, not in Mexico). 
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