Our stories on Quattroruote GR magazine

Aug 26, 2019 | News, Sponsors

Italian Quattroruote (Four Wheels) is one of the best car magazines in the world. It is published since 1956, has tested thousands of cars and is the only magazine in the world with a private test track and thanks to its state-of-the art testing equipment, performs car tests like no other car magazine in the world. 

Akis grew up with its articles, had a membership for more than two decades and he says he became a car journalist because of Quattroruote.

The magazine is printed in Greek since 2018 and is published in monthly basis together with Eleftheros Typos Sunday newspaper.

Akis started working with them as a translator last December. In the August 2019 issue he wrote his first article for our expedition, which inaugurates a new collaboration with the magazine.

If you live in Greece, every first Sunday of the month, you will find two pages dedicated to The World Offroad. Every three months there will be a featured 8-10 page article with our adventures.

Italian Quattroruote will receive the same material so sooner than later we expect to see our articles in the original version as well. More articles and videos will regularly appear in other media of the same editorial company.

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