We embark for the Greek islands

by | Feb 9, 2019 | News, Sponsors

We are so excited because next week we will depart for a two-month trip at the Aegean islands with the Blue Star Ferries and ANEK LINES Οfficial Fan Page ships.

These two companies support our project providing us the unique opportunity to travel to the remotest islands of Greece.

This island-hopping winter tour is a great challenge for the three of us. We approach it as an alternative off-road trip as well as a great history and cultural lesson for our daughter. Our collaboration with @BlueStarFerries and @ANEKLines gives us the chance to design a dream-route to popular and less visited islands and experience their genuine lifestyles winter-time, when mass tourism will not be there. All this with the fastest and most modern ferry boat fleet you can have in the Mediterranean.

In a couple of days we will embark ANEKLines Elyros ferry to Chania in Crete, where we will drive for the following two weeks or so. From Herakleion we will return to Piraeus from where we will follow the Cyclades lines towards Syros, TInos, Naxos, Ios and Santorini. From the majestic volcano island we will sail to Symi for a completely different tour in the Dodecannese. We will actually arrive to Kastellorizo – the most south-eastern Greek island – and then we will hop to Nisyros (where there is an active volcano), to Kalymnos, Astypalaia, Amorgos and back to Piraeus. The ultimate part of our Aegean adventure will be towards the north-eastern islands of Lesvos and Chios as well as to Samos.

Diaries, images and videos from this special #TheGreekOffroad will be uploaded on this page, on our website www.theworldoffroad.com, on www.visitgreece.gr as well as on the Blue Star Ferries and ANEK LINES Οfficial Fan Page.

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