Destination central Greece

Jun 30, 2019 | Diaries, Europe, Greece

After 40 days in Thessaloniki here we are at Metsovo village, maybe the most visited in the whole region of Epirus.

We skipped the modern “Egnatia” motorway and drove on regional roads from Thessaloniki to Veroia, Grevena and arrived to Metsovo late afternoon.

The village is refreshing, touristy during weekends and famous for its woodcraft, local cheeses – like Metsovone and Metsovela – and wines (most famous is from Ktima Averof winery) and is also famous for a prominent right wing Greek politician.

Even if in the central parking there was a “no camping” sign, two locals advised us to park in the nearby open parking under the trees and we wild camped there. Only in Greece you can place you camper wherever you need without paying a single penny.

Tomorrow we will leave Metsovo and drive to Ioannina and from there to Tzoumerka villages where our friends from down under  are wating for us. We feel as if we have a school reunion 10 years after we met Penny, Spyros and Pelopidas in Brisbane, Australia.

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