From Santorini with love

May 5, 2019 | Diaries, Europe, Greece

The landscape is magnificent.
The island is continuously under construction.
It’s probably the most beautiful island in the world.
It’s an ecological disaster.
You want to be with your love here.
Everybody else wants. This summer if possible!
It’s narrow streets are ideal for romantic walks.
When there are no tourist groups from cruise ships.
Exquisite wines and divine Vinsanto are produced here.
Water is not drinkable.
You can find the finest hotels to check in here.
The flip side is full of trash and rubble.
There are countless pools and jacuzzis.
Water arrives in a truck in daily basis.
There are high class restaurants and coffee shops.
Most are pretty expensive.
Sunset is amazing.
But you have to book your place to watch it.
It offers everything from food to shopping.
It can get gridlocked by buses, rental cars and ATV’s.
You wish you were rich here.
You are not.
This is Santorini.
The superstar island of the Aegean sea.
If you’ve been here, probably you know all this.
If not, take a look at the photos!
Black clouds make that white look grey today.
It’s windy and rainy, so we can’t get out of ou Iveco
We “camp” next to Oia, in the municipal parking, next to tourist buses.
Forget what you’ve just read and visit the place!

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