Bye bye Crete

Mar 13, 2019 | Diaries, Europe, Greece

We spent almost a month in Crete and believe it or not it was not enough.

We calculated we lost almost a week isolated in our camper for the harsh weather in Chania and Rethimno cities. But it was a great month, full of inspiring images and unforgettable encounters.

So here we are in Heraklion, the largest – but not the prettiest – city of the island. It still is a vivid medium size town which seems to never sleep. We spent two days here and dedicated them to friends and to Anastasia.

We spent the second day with a visit at the seafront Museum of National History – which was an exciting experience for our daughter.

Late in the afternoon we visited – Vula for a second time – the Knossos archaeological site and we were delighted by the beauty of the architecture. Anastasia was not excited at all, we would say she was bored. At 9:00 pm we embarked on the Blue Star Ferries “Blue Horizon” boat to Piraeus.

Sincerely thank you Crete for the hospitality!

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