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May 14, 2019 | News, Sponsors

IVECO in association with IVECO Greece Paul J. Condellis S.A. are official partners of The World Offroad expedition, which departs for a multi-year adventure around the world. 

The World Offroad is not just a dream-come-true for us but a genuine off-road adventure around the world promoting nomad lifestyle on four wheels. It is also destined to become a real life documentary.  

Together with our  7-year old daughter we had a dream: to leave our normal life in Italy and explore our planet and ourselves in full respect for nature and local cultures. In the process we work hard to tell our story on international media while schooling our child online in the best possible way. And the vehicle we chose to achieve our dream is an IVECO VM90, which has been transformed to a rugged 4×4 camper capable to tackle off-the beaten paths around the world. 

This is our second The World Offroad project: from 2007 to 2010, we were the first couple from Greece who drove around the world in a 4×4 car. It was an epic adventure by all means: 167.000 kilometres long in 1234 days across 66 countries in 5 continents. 

Since we have departed from Italy in 2018 we have explored the Balkans and our native country before heading towards central Asia, late summer 2019.  IVECO in association with IVECO Greece – Paul J. Condellis S.A., are official sponsors of our project providing us IVECO Genuine Parts, technical support and consultancy. 

“The story of a family who decided to put their whole life in a 4X4 IVECO, live, work and school their child inside while attempting an epic adventure around the world is an inspiration for everybody», says Tatiana Benova Markova from CNH International.

« The VM90 used in this expedition is a military vehicle and out of production for a long time. Even if it’s not equipped with the state-of-the art technology of modern IVECO vehicles, it still is a rugged and super reliable vehicle – a genuine IVECO, capable to be driven hard to the end of the world”. 

The expedition VM90 stayed for two weeks in the IVECO Paul J. Condellis S.A. workshop in Athens and went through a substantial periodical service which included precautionary replacement of various IVECO Genuine Parts. 

The World Offroad leaves Europe this summer and will head towards central Asia across Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

“This is the only part of the world we hadn’t driven in our previous expedition” says Akis, “and we will approach it in our own way, which is to travel slow, live like locals and by paying total respect to nature and local cultures”.    

You can follow The World Offroad on our official website. Daily news with photos and videos you can also find on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by following @theworldoffroad @IVECO and @IVECOGreece or by using the following hashtags:

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