Izmir on my Bottecchia bike

Jan 27, 2020 | Asia, Diaries, Turkey

We stayed three nights in Izmir but forgive me for not having taken any quality pictures from the city to show you… 

The reason is I was not in my best mood, because my inguinal hernia started annoying me these days. Of course we strolled by foot in this beautiful city, from Konak – where we found a free camping right next to the ferry station to camp – to Alsançak and from there to opposite Karsiyaka suburb but I didn’t carry my Sony camera.

That’s why we uploaded this video clip editied by Vula, featuring my Bottecchia MTB on Izmir’s marvellous seafront, nearby Konak. 

Smyrna is the symbol of the lost Asia Minor morther land for most Greeks and historically associated with the 1922 pogrom of the Greek orthodox population by Turkish authorities.

It’s also associated with poverty and pain but if you visit the modern day Izmir is an ultra developed city of five million providing top notch living standards for Turkey. 

Izmir inhabitants are considered open minded, secular, anti-Erdogan modern entrepreneurs and professionals. In other words it’s a forward looking city we could easily fit.      

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