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by | Oct 26, 2020 | Europe, News, Norway, Sponsors

After 86 days and 7100 km of travel in 10 countries, the Greek family in their Iveco camper arrived yesterday to Nordkapp, the northern most tip of Europe.

They finally made it. The 4×4 vehicle with a family crew on-board, Akis Temperidis, Vula Netou and 8-year old Anastasia, arrived to the iconic North Cape at the 71st parallel, having driven through a breathtaking, snow covered landscape. And their adventure goes on.

“Since we follow a nomadic lifestyle for a long time, more often we don’t set target destinations but this time Nordkapp was really a benchmark: we wanted to prove that we can get here from Greece during a period of a pandemic and closed borders”, says Akis Temperidis.

Vula Netou totally agrees: “we may have travelled around the world in the past, but we had never been at North Cape before, so I admit I had some strong feelings when we arrived. Not only the final destination but the whole route was exciting”.

“The World Offroad” – that’s how the family from Thessaloniki has branded their project – departed from Greece in the end of July and drove through eastern Europe and the Baltic sea countries before catching the ferry to Helsinki.

From Finland’s capital their adventure got more and more exciting through thousands of lakes and the unspoiled national parks of the country with the thousand lakes.

“We really loved Finland, its nature as well as its people, so we spent about a month before reaching the 66th parallel – aka the arctic circle – north of which the sun does not set for at least a day during the summer solstice, and accordingly never rises from the horizon for at least a day in winter”, Akis says.

“North of Rovaniemi, where we also met the only Greek family living there, we saw the first snowfall of the season in Lapland. From that point onwards, everything got trickier”, says Vula.

From Lapland to Norway, the 4×4 Iveco camper, which is a vehicle, a house, an office and a school classroom all-in-one, was predominantly driven on icy or snow-covered roads. “At times, it was very dangerous to drive our 4.3-ton vehicle without proper winter tyres, on roads like these. But we took a lot of care and arrived safe and sound to North Cape, which is only our first destination in this pandemic-struck trip”, Akis explains.

We will now take a breath and continue exploring the arctic zone while winter approaches, which means polar temperatures and minimum daylight. Watching from the distance of the remote arctic the second Covid-19 outbreak developing in the rest of Europe, we still have to decide where to go after this arctic adventure. In any way, we feel privileged that we can travel while feeling protected – as if in quarantine – from the pandemic”.  


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