Standard batteries supports us!

Dec 17, 2019 | News, Sponsors

Well, this is our last week in Greece. We were mute, we know, all these days, so here are our latest news: 

Yesterday we visited the headquarters of Standard batteries in the outskirts of Thessaloniki. 

We were introduced to the leading Greek company by our partners at Radio Thessaloniki 94,5 FM We met with principals John and Fotini Yantiridis who seemed to be excited with our project and volunteered to support us.

So we have a new sponsor, a battery provider. Standard batteries are Made in South Korea and are famous for their top quality. Standard will also provide state-of-the art NOCO jump starters and battery chargers. 

Yesterday we tested three different AGM battieries for our Iveco’s living capsule and we managed to fit two 95A AGM, which are ideal for our needs.

So far we used conventional lead batteries, which maybe good for starting an engine but not for supporting our camper utilities.

So for the first time we managed to simultaneously turn on all our 8 LED interior lamps, our 12V fridge, the Webasto heater and the 12-220V inverter with our Macs connected and we never saw voltage to get under 12,0V. 

AGM batteries are so called deep discharge and are designed to satisfy our needs. We will test them and will frequently report as we travel. 

For now, take a look to the impressive product range of Standard Batteries online:

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