Thank you Chios, see you again Greece!

Feb 8, 2020 | Diaries, Europe, Greece

Our trip to Chios eventually was a pleasant break. We arrived here for health issues – Akis urgently needed to be operated in his inguinal hernia – but It was also an ultimate bye bye to our homeland.

It was also nostaglic as we had been here nine months before, during our Blue Star itinerary in the Greek islands. 

The surgery was successful and it was actually the second one in 23 years. This time it was on my right-side hernia and it was far better than the first. An hour after the operation I walked and the following day I got out of the hospital.

Vula had slept with Anastasia in the camper nearby and she undertook driving the vehicle. Our friend George Benovias accompanied my with his car to his “Aeriko” pension at the Karfas beach. Remember Aeriko if you ever need a room and good company in Chios!

The first post-surgery week was pleasant. Of course I am still in pain but can sit to write and walk, but not for long. I was busy with translations for the Greek Quattroruote magazine so it was a nice timing for recovery.

After the first 3-4 nights, I could also be more active, so we organised with George 2-3 nights for friends, in which we watched videos and images from our first trip around the world. 

It was an entertaining as refreshing and encouraging – for ourselves – experience because – believe it or not – we watched unedited videos for the very first time and we remembered some forgotten special moments.

George, from his side showed us images from his previous trip at the “Stans” of central Asia, so we have a far better idea of these countries. So now we are ready to depart for Turkey and continue our trip at the Asia Minor’s coast.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the doctors of Chios Skylitseion Hospital Mr. Stamoulis and Smyrniotis, the nurses and all the personnel, as well Mr. Nikos and John Tagoulis for the arrangements and George Benovias and his family for their hospitality.  

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