We could live in Sibiu

Oct 14, 2019 | Diaries, Europe, Romania

I admit I had a completely different perception of Romanian cities. I imagined them grey communist relics with loads of traffic jams and huge concrete blocks. 

I should have known better.

Craiova – the first town we stayed in Romania – changed my mind at least partially. Pitesti confirmed it. Sibiu made me forget everything I thought I knew about Romania. 

Look at the pictures from Sibiu’s citadel, the old city: it is clean, bright, joyful, full of history and pedestrian escapes, saxon architecture, events, tourists and students. H remarkable European mid-size town that makes you say: “I could easily live here”.

Sibiu was Cultural Capital of Europe in 2008 and the same year it was voted by Forbes as the “8th most idyllic place to be”. In 2019 the city hosted the informal summit of European leaders for the environment. 

We would happily stay in this area including nearby towns like Cisnadie, 20’ at the south of downtown Sibiu. We stayed there two nights, one in the Ananas camping – which is a German property and a great place to stay – and another night next to the town’s sports center. 


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