We got a Carnet!

Jan 10, 2020 | Asia, Diaries, Europe, Turkey

Good news today in Istanbul: we have just received our brand new Carnet de Passages issued by TCS – Touring Club Suisse!

Everything worked like a Swiss clock. On 13/12/2019 we sent an email to Touring Club Suisse and in 2 hours 11 minutes we received the following reply:

Dear Sir,

 Thank you very much for your message. If ACI cannot issue the Carnet for you, then we can certainly issue it. For your information, we send you enclosed our conditions and the application form to issue a Carnet de Passages for a Non-Swiss resident. Please note that the price of the CPD will significantly increase from Jan. 1st, 2020 , the selling price will increase up to CHF 620.00.

To summarize, in order to issue a Carnet de Passages, we would need you to send us a filled in Application-Form (attached) as well as all the other required documents (passport, registration & driving license).

In addition, you will have to proceed with the payment of a Cash-deposit (100% of the actual vehicle’s value with a Minimum Deposit of CHF 3’000.00) to our Bank account, plus the issuing fees  + Postage fees for TNT shipment to Greece (EUR 20.00).

As your vehicle has a value of EUR 7’000.00 in 2017, then we can estimate the actual value to approx. EUR 4’500.00

After that it was pretty straightforward. We sent  the application form and passport, driver licence’s and car registration’s copies to Switzerland and proceeded to the bank transfer before the year changed and voilà, our 25-page Carnet de Passage is here with us accompanied but a bunch of useful travel info for different countries in Asia.

Be noted that our CDP is not valid only in the following countries: Libya, Egypt and Pakistan.


Touring Club Suisse
Customs Documents
Chemin de Blandonnet 4 – CP 820
CH-1214 Vernier/GE
Tel: +41 58 827 12 53
Fax: +41 58 827 50 18
email: cpd@tcs.ch

Contact Head of Customs Documents 
Mrs. Evelyne Macabré Droux

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