Covid-19: Overlander’s survival guide

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Asia, Diaries, Turkey

We prepared a short survival guide based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines against Covid-19 outbreak, adapted to the special needs of Overlanders with the use of our extended travel experience: 

  1. We stay at “home” in our vehicle (either for driving or for camping). 
  2. We avoid big cities and busy places.
  3. We minimise social interaction with locals and other travellers.
  4. We avoid physical contact (i.e. hugs, kisses, etc.). 
  5. We stop dining in restaurants or busy local stalls.
  6. For children: we avoid interacting with other children and busy playgrounds.
  7. We periodically wash our vehicle (previously, almost never).
  8. We periodically spray interior surfaces with antibacterial products (e.g. Dettol). 
  9. We fill the tank in order to minimise petrol station visits.
  10. Only one member of the family/company goes for shopping at the local mini market.
  11. We now buy twice the amount of food than before (to last for 4-6 days instead for 2-3).
  12. We wild camp in remote places, preferably outside towns and villages.
  13. If we do an overnighter in a town, we depart the following morning so as to not attract local attention (police etc). 
  14. If we have a cold/flu symptoms, we stay indoors and/or wear medical masks and gloves in busy places.
  15. We register and receive notifications about the current situation in the country we travel. 
  16. We dispose grey and black waters daily.
  17. We provide factual and sincere information to other travellers in websites and social groups.
  18. We especially avoid spreading fake news and conspiracy theories.  
  19. We respect humankind and our planet.


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