Cycling in Warsaw

by | Aug 22, 2020 | Diaries, Europe, Poland

Big cities are avoidable the way we travel. They are a pain in the arse to find a proper place to park for the night, to evacuate our waters or fill in with water our camper’s tanks. It gets really hard som times 

Cities are useful though for shopping or servicing our vehicle. They also give you a real insight of the visited country providing experiences you can’t find in the country side.

If we had skipped Krakow and Warsaw, we wouldn’t have a complete idea of Poland. The only memories of the country would have been infinite crop fields and forgettable little towns. 

We entered Warsaw without having studied the city. Vula found a parking downtown on park4night app and we found it easily. There was no traffic in the centre. The park was only 5′ walk from central Nowy Swiat Str. which takes you directly to the Old Town. 

The pictures you can see in this article were taken in three different sightseeings with our Bottecchia bikes. One was by night.  

Warsaw was a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t boast the imperial beauty of Budapest but it’s attractive and visitor friendly as well.

Warsaw is also cosmopolitan. You can taste everything from sushi to Italian cuisine, Mexican, Vietnamese or Chinese. And Polish cuisine ofcourse. 

The are also loads of coffe shops as well as legal cannabis shops. Old town is very scenic, especially the Market Square, which reminded us Italian piazzas. From there you can walk down to the Vistula river front, which is also a great place to stroll or cycle, very green and full of cafes as well. 

If you take the river front you will probably arrive to the Κopernik Science Center, which is a great past time, especially for kids like Anastasia. She didn’t want to leave it behind after half a day!

Cycling by night was also interesting but it was workday and after 10pm people started going home. The city is full of street artists and vendors while the old town gets a little bit more quiet and darker. But the city makes you feel very safe and police is always present – even more than what you would expect. 

Let me finish with this: you don’t really need a car in Warsaw as it is greatly connected by buses and trams on both sides of Vistula river.

Bike, skate and car sharing is also available, you just need to download the specific apps. 

You can also rent an electric BMW i3 μfrom Innogy Go! app. You just need to have a driving licence and a credit card and dedicate 10′ time to register in the app to rent one of the parked and charged white/green BMWs ad drive them for 1,49 zloty per minute (this is 0,33 euros/minute). 

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