From Psiloritis to Matala

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Diaries, Europe, Greece

A day of contrasts. We slept at the entry of Anoyia village – the famous birthplace of many Cretan revolutionaries and inspiring musician Nikos Xylouris and this morning we met with good friends from Thessaloniki.

It was cold by night but the weather got milder as soon as we drove to Heraklion and from there to Moires, where we were expected by a couple of friends, Mary and Zacharias. We drove to Matala beach – a famous hippy hub which inspired Johnny Mitchel to write a song in the ’60s and we visited the famous caves which were used as a hostel in the years of the flower-power generation.

Tonight we wild camp outside the municipal swimming pool – which is closed during winter – and tomorrow Anastasia will be accepted at the local primary school. We are so exited about this!

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