Stop. Breathe. Think. Act

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Asia, Diaries, Turkey

This is not neccessarily a call to meditation but a basic lesson I learnt in my scuba diving courses, years ago. It’s valid in most cases: if you feel dizzy or stressed underwater, experience a vertigo, or if you loose your buddy.

I think it’s the best advice this period of coronavirus almost-pandemic. For each one of us. For the moment we have to do nothing more than not doing and talking bullshit. Just calm down. Stay at home.

Forget business and money for a while. Work from home if possible. Watch good films. Read the books you never finished. Call friends you forgot for a while. Spend quality time with your family.

This is not exactly my nomadic family’s case but in a way we do the same these days. We are still in Turkey following a slow pace lifestyle while reflecting how can we keep going on.

We will probably not drive in Iran this time. Neither in Turkmenistan. Borders closed! We are doubtful whether we will arrive in Mongolia in summer and manage to cross China. And if we will not cross China, how could we arrive to Nepal and India?

These are currently our reflections but they don’t consist actual problems in comparison to what million of people face these days. Who gives a fcuk anyway if a family of three go around the world in a period like this?

What happens if we can’t go on? We will stop. Take a breath. Think and then see what to do.

We wish you all the best. Stay cool and healthy!_Akis Temperidis

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