Why is Kaš so special for us?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Asia, Diaries, Turkey

We feel happy we made it to Kaš for a single reason: three kms offshore this Turkish resort town lies Kastellorizo, the easternmost island of Greece, which we had visited for the first time in our lives during our 2019 “greekoffroad” itinerary. 

Last April we spent four days in Kastellorizo, the picturesque, almost heroic Greek island, which is 2-3 hours from the rest of the Dodecanese – where Rhodes and Kos belong among others. That was a symbolic trip for us we undertook thanks to Blue Star Ferries. 

Since we had entered Greek soil from Albania back in 2018 and spent a night on the shores of Prespa lake – the north-westernmost point of our country, we wanted Anastasia to arrive to the opposite extreme of her homeland before taking her first trip around the word. 

April 2019 we were watching Kaš from a short distance knowing that one day we would drive there, that’s why we didn’t bother taking the barge boat to the Turkish side. 

Now we are right here and we see a part of our country for the very last time before driving deep in central Asia. It feels weird. We thought about taking the boat but weather didn’t agree with our idea. No worries. 

We took a small break in Kas, enjoyed its loneliness during winter, we wild camped right at its seafront and we kiss good bye Asia Minor before driving towards Anatolia. 


Let me tell you that from Sirinçe we drove pretty fast south, bypassing popular Turkish resort towns like Kusandasi, Bodrum and Marmaris. From Selçuk we drove to Aydin, where we bought a 2kg Ipragaz cylinder and spent a night at Akyaka, a former fishing village transformed into a modern resort town not far from Marmaris. 

The following day we arrived to Fethiye, where we let Anastasia play for a couple of our hours in the best communal playground we have seen anywhere and then we visited the impressive – but pretty forgotten – ancient Telmessos ruins, at the outskirts of this pleasant town. 

The same day we drove the scenic D400 and arrived to Kaš early in the evening. We don’t need to write about Kaš many things: it’s picturesque, it should be very busy in summer, it’s well organised (look at the marina) and it’s the best vantage point to visit Kastellorizo, which is simply lovable like few other Greek islands. 

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