How to take a trip around the world

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Articles, Europe

There are people who often still ask us this. From my personal experience it takes at least three things to make a trip around the world, besides the usual passport of course…

First, to be healthy, which is the greatest gift of life for everybody. Second, to want this too much and third to make it for living. To ensure a monthly salary at least.

Is it for everybody?

Very few people have globetrotting aspirations and truly attempt an around the world trip but anybody can do it, regardless age, sex or physical condition.

Which is the best way to take an RTW adventure?

You can also make this simply with a backpack by using buses and trains. You can do it on a bicycle or a motorcycle, or even in a sailing boat – which is another dream of mine. WIth my family we chose to take this trip in a motorhome and after almost four years on the road we feel it as the only home we ever had. It provides us shelter in all weather conditions and in very different countries and environments.

Which are the challenges one may face in such a long adventure?

First you need to be ready to leave behind your comfort zone, your birthplace, your town and your country. To distance yourself from your family and best friends. Maybe you will need to risk your career and forget your customs and favorite food. and since you will be on the road, you will be facing small, everyday challenges. That’s why we always take care about or safety, especially since we travel with our child. _Akis Temperidis

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