The entire planet in a single city

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Articles, North America, United States

Big Apple, meltpot, capital of the world, name it as you wish. New York is true to all stereotypes as to itself, even after 2 years of pandemic. More than anything, NY is really the most influential city on this planet.

If you love travelling, the sunset view from the roof of the Empire State building with Manhattan at the foreground, should be at the top of your bucket list. If you are a millionaire, Four Seasons should be one a familiar place. If you dream about being a millionaire, you should probably live here. And if you want to have a chance to be one, you should study in one of the “island’s” universities, even if you should mortgage your kidney for a loan. If you are an actor you probably dream a show on broadway. If you know about American cinema, you know the place inside out. Or you think you do.

All these may mean nothing if you are already a New Yorker. Or a naturalist who hates concrete and cars. Or a myopic leftist who is allergic to anything capitalistic and American. And there is nothing more capitalistic than Wall Street. But most New Yorkers consider themselves liberals, which means “leftists” for the American standards. If you go for a dinner with locals, you will probably be among Democrats – a Republican is considered an inferior species in the city, or a redneck. The fact that NY created President with orange hair, a guy who almost destroyed the institutions of the most democratic country on the planet.

This political oxymoron is just one of many in New York, that’s why it’s so difficult to define the psyche of the city. Let’s take it as it is; the entire planet in a few hundreds city blocks. Some of the most expensive per square meter, actually.

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